Posted by: travelrat | March 19, 2012

The ‘Old Ghan’ and other stories

I was going to put up the last part of my Rainbow Beach podcast today, but I’m having issues with Podbean, my podcast host; I just can’t get into it at the moment. What I’m considering doing, when I get back from Australia, is maybe buy some space upgrade, so I can upload MP3 files straight into the blog.

As I’ve repeatedly said before, the main highlight of the coming trip is a ride on the Ghan railway. Therefore, I thought I might post a link to this video I remember when the BBC first screened this show, and I was really pleased to find it on YouTube the other day. I’m sorry I couldn’t edit out the disagreeable old trout and her intrusive … nay, invasive … questioning and patronising of the Aboriginal lady. I was cringing with embarrassment … even though the clip was filmed over thirty years ago, and was in Wales at the time!

But, the story about the pregnant lady is a real keeper!

The countdown is down to single figures now, and most of the items on my ‘stuff to do’ list crossed off … I only have to have a haircut and pick up some Australian currency from the bank, and I can close the list and start on the Packing Checklist.

And, here’s my latest article at … we’ll be going to Maastricht again in June, so let’s see what else we can discover there.





  1. Hi Keith,
    Not long to go now, it is always exciting when you are about to embark on a holiday, especially one that is so far away. 😀

    I had a look at your “A Romantic Tale of The Musketeers” very nice and well written, I did enjoy it very much.

    I found a more recent video of the Ghan, and if you click onto it there are some more along the side as well. Seems a few people are complaining it wasn’t very comfortable, I assume though you got a sleeper?
    Anyway here is the link.
    The Ghan from Adelaide to Alice Springs year I think is 2010

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