Posted by: travelrat | March 5, 2012

Metal Menagerie

Amy Lancaster

When I visit Amesbury Town Centre, I usually drop into the Forge Gallery for a chat. This is run by a co-operative of local artists, and there’s such an ever-changing display of exciting stuff there. I wish I could afford some of it … and had space to show it off.

There’s always something by metal sculptor Amy Lancaster. What she does is fashion her sculptures from discarded metal tools and implements. The great things are that what she’s trying to represent is instantly recognisable … as are the component parts from which she’s made them, be they shears, a garden fork or even the radiator grille from an old Ferguson tractor!

I’ve posted some pictures here, although the gallery/shop isn’t really the ideal background … to see them as they should be seen, visit Amy’s site at

Some of Amy’s work

UPDATE: November 14.

Unfortunately, the Forge Gallery is now closed. But, as far as I know, Amy is still in business, and can be visited at her website.


  1. very clever work! Great that Amy is using recycled materials.

  2. Hi Keith, I believe this is the gallery where you too me. Yes, such excellent pieces of art and sculpture there! Very impressive.

  3. Hi Keith,
    Wow, I just had a look at the main web site that you linked to, and the pieces are magnificent. I especially liked the fighting hares and the horses head, very nice work. 🙂

  4. I love the metal sculptures made from old scrap metal! They look so cool and recycle material that would otherwise be tossed out by turning it into art!

  5. I love the chooks. They look so real. I really like the philosophy of Amy’s work – using discarded pieces – it’s fantastic. She is really talented. Thanks for letting us know about her!

  6. Thanks, everyone, for all the comments … I’ll be sure to pass them on to Amy. I’m a great admirer of how she can incorporate stuff into instantly recognisable sculptures, but alter it very little, so you can still see what it was originally.

    But, the stuff wouldn’t be ‘tossed out’ … farmers, especially, are notorious for hoarding tools and implements, even though they no longer use them. I swear, there were things in my Grand-dad’s barn which dated back to the 18th Century!

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