Posted by: travelrat | March 4, 2012

Qype: Bhs in Southampton

SouthamptonShoppingDepartment Stores

We often shop at BHS, but this is the first time we’ve eaten at their in-store restaurant. It’s not a thing we make a habit of; our usual attitude is ‘We’ll eat at BHS when restaurants start selling shirts’. But, today, we were in rather a hurry, and had vouchers for a considerable discount.

The meal was served cafeteria-style, and we thought the choice rather limited. The food was nothing to complain about, but nothing to write home about, either; I found my lasagne rather bland, and my wife said there wasn’t much taste to her chicken.

I thought that they could have been a little more efficient about clearing the tables, too. On the next table was a tray of ‘empties’ that weren’t removed all the time we were there.

I will continue to shop at BHS; it’s only the restaurant I’m only awarding two stars to. Maybe they should stick to what they do best?
Check out my review of Bhs – I am nomadkeith – on Qype


  1. Hi Keith,
    Food at some of our shopping centers is not much good either, a lot of the eatery’s we stay away from, there are a couple that do have good restaurants attached but they are far and few between.

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