Posted by: travelrat | February 29, 2012

Episode 2: Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island

Rainbow Beach

Here’s Episode 2 of my podcast. In it, I’m dealing with Rainbow Beach, and the main object of our visit, Fraser Island. The technique isn’t quite there yet, but this time, I’ve at least managed to turn the background music down … it is, as usual, a royalty-free piece by the excellent Kevin MacLeod, at

Episode 2: Rianbow Beach and Fraser Island


  1. Hi Keith,
    Wow, you’re podcast was great, I listened right to the end. Very clear and easy to listen to, great information, well done. 😀

    Great photo of Rainbow Beach, beautiful beach for miles, and you took the photo at an ideal time, nice and quite.

    • Hopefully, I’ll get Episode 3 up before I leave for Oz; trying to work out how to get my recorded train noises into it!

  2. I love Rainbow Beach. It is such an awesome place. I have been there several times and just love it!

  3. Another excellent podcast. You have a very descriptive turn of phrase and you set the scene well. When you were talking about the blown sand being such a rare geological feature, I could actually visualise it; so very well described.

    I also like how you went into the history of Fraser Island with Eliza Fraser. I thought that part was very interesting and informative. I hope you’re getting a lot of listeners. Keep up the good work!

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