Posted by: travelrat | February 10, 2012

More About Kinsale

Old Kinsale Couthouse

September 16th, 2011

From the end of the Scilly Walk, it’s only a short walk into Kinsale. And I had a look around its colourful streets to take some more photographs.

In the Old Courthouse I found the Kinsale Heritage Museum, which I’d been recommended to visit. It’s only open on Thursdays and Fridays, but it’s free to enter (donations appreciated).

Although it’s small, there’s just about everything here with a connection to what went on in Kinsale in the past; farming, printing, metalwork and even the old Kinsale Fire Engine. There’s a lot of maritime stuff here, too, for it was once an important port and home to three shipyards. The centrepiece is a collection of artefacts from the ‘Lusitania’, which was torpedoed off Old Kinsale Head during the First World War … some of the victims are buried in the nearby churchyard.

Probably the most amusing of the artefacts was a copy of a ‘presentation’, complaining about certain unsavoury citizens who ‘… make a practice of brewing with gutter water which it is feared may cause infection, or by such nasty custom at least bring a filthy report upon the place …’

I believe I once had some of that beer … but only once!


Does Mr. O'Bama live here?



  1. Hi Keith,
    Really nice photos, I had to have a laugh about the beer, I assume back then that a lot of the beer was most likely made from gutter water, as I suspect there wouldn’t of been too many filters. 😀

    I also had have a bit of a laugh at The White House, that is just unreal, the question remains, who had the name first. 😀

    • They say that Belgium is a great beer-drinking country because it’s so flat & the rivers are slow-flowing that the water from them was not very nice.

      So, they reckoned that beer was better for you, because at least the water had been boiled in the brewing process.

      As to the White House … I seem to remember a pub of that name somewhere near Lincoln, which dates from the 16th Century, although whether it went by that name back then or not is uncertain.

  2. I think that Barry O’Bama does live there… That is a classic. LOL.

    I didn’t know they used gutter water for beer back in the day. Slightly gross, but probably safer and cleaner than other sources. So interesting to learn how things used to come about!

  3. So is the one guy out front responsible for all the security? 🙂

    I walked by the White House just the other day and the usual shenanigans were going on: the year-round lady who protests nuclear war was minding her own business; someone was protesting something and being interviewed by news crews; 50 billion middle school kids all wearing the same fluorescent t-shirt flashing gangster signs while getting their pictures taken; a gazillion bicycle cops and us locals just rolling our eyes.

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