Posted by: travelrat | January 30, 2012

South Pacific/ No snow yet?

Last week, we went to Southampton to see Rogers and Hammerstein’s ‘South Pacific’. I hear you chorussing: ‘But, that was old when Pontius was a pilot! Surely, you’ve seen it before?’

Yes, I have. I’ve seen the film, and I’ve seen a live performance by an Amateur Operatic Society, where a somewhat portly, fifty-ish jeweller with a Yorkshire accent tried to convince us he was a Lieutenant in the US Marines. We’re not supposed to notice these things, though, and I enjoyed the performance nevertheless.

I’ve even read James A. Michener’s ‘Tales of the South Pacific’, on which the show is based. But, this is the first time I’ve seen a professional stage production, and, with modern technology, they made it seem as fresh and new as when it first came out … in nineteen-fifty-something, as I recall?

We liked it so much that we’ve ordered the DVD of the film. And, next evening there’s nothing on television, we’ll be watching it … and playing ‘Spot the young Larry Hagman’.

Photo by Charlotte Hipkiss

Naturally, I couldn’t take any pictures of the performance, but it crossed my mind that it doesn’t look like I’m going to get any decent snow pix this year. So, these are from Canada, where Charlotte, our grand-daughter, is spending a semester at Queen’s University, Kingston … (or, was that King’s University, Queenston?)

Photo by Charlotte Hipkiss

If you’d rather read about somewhere warmer, my latest article is at


  1. Hi Keith,
    That is fantastic that you were able to get hold of the DVD seeing as how you enjoyed the show so much. I think it’s great that they are keeping alive “The South Pacific”.

    Wow, great photos form your grand-daughter, I love the 2nd photo the best, the ice on the tree makes it all look a little magical I feel.

    What a great article you did in Off Beat Travel, very nice.

    • I have nothing but praise for Amazon UK. I think they could find you a DVD of every film ever made. Our friend, who is much more of a film buff says they’ve obtained some really obscure ones for him.

  2. Great article and I love the photos (especially of the trains.)

    ‘South Pacific’ is one of my favourites. It has such great songs. Some Enchanted Evening has such a beautiful melody and you can’t help but sing along to Happy Talk and There Is Nothing Like A Dame. My favourite song however, is This Nearly Was Mine. I love that song. I have only ever seen the movie with Mitzi Gaynor. To see it in the theatre would be such a treat.

    The photos of the ‘icy’ trees are brilliant. You have some great photographers in the family!

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