Posted by: travelrat | January 23, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!

On Saturday, they opened a new cake shop in Amesbury. At home, we don’t eat a lot of cake; I suppose mainly, because we regard cake as something to serve with afternoon tea, which we don’t do. In fact, I tried to remember the last time we had cake; Christmas, of course, Paul’s wedding, back in September … and, before that? … oh, of course! The delicious chocolate cake on the cruise in February!

I went to have a look anyway. Mainly out of curiosity, but the fact there was a complimentary glass of wine and cupcake on the first day contributed largely. And, I wanted to check out if there was any difference between the ‘cupcakes’ we see so much of these days, and the good old ‘Fairy Cakes’ of youth.

I think the main difference is in the decoration. You couldn’t do a lot with fairy cakes. Scoop them out, fill the resultant hole with whipped cream, and stick the bit you scooped out into it to form ‘wings’. Or, just ice it. You could vary the colour of your icing by adding cochineal or cocoa powder or whatever, and decorate them with ‘those little silver balls I can’t remember the name of’ or ‘hundreds and thousands’ (aka ‘sprinkles’ or ‘rainbow Jimmies’ or whatever you call them where you’re from). These also came in chocolate, too … known to irreverent little boys as ‘chocolate mouse-droppings’, although we didn’t call them ‘droppings’ when there were no adults around!

The cupcakes we had here were decorated in the shape of roses, and many other designs are possible, too. I remembered an anniversary party we’d been to, where a picture of the husband and wife had been iced into the cupcakes they handed out. And, I remember thinking, as I did now, it seemed such a shame to eat them.

But, eat it I did … and very nice it was, too!

If your way ever takes you to Amesbury, check them out at



  1. Hi Keith,
    I love the idea of the opening with a nice glass of wine and a cupcake, that would of surely got a few extra people through the door.

    How creative to do cupcakes like roses, they do look too good to eat. 🙂

  2. Looks just perfect for a Valentiines day treat

    • Now, there’s an idea! Much less expensive than a box of chocs, too! 😀 I will be passing by this week; I think I’ll see if they’re doing anything special for St. Valentine’s Day.

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