Posted by: travelrat | January 8, 2012

Qype: shuttle and loom in Darlington

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I don’t think I’ve eaten at a Hungry Horse franchise before, but the only slight issue I had was that there could be more items on the menu. However, what was on offer was well-cooked and presented. My steak was cooked to perfection, and they were able to accommodate my request for a baked potato instead of chips.

And, the children’s menus seemed to satisfy the two we brought with us … aged 12 and 1.

The other slight niggle isn’t peculiar to Hungry Horse, but to other, similar restaurants as well. I’d much prefer a waiter to come to us and take the order, rather than go up to the bar to place it, which necessitates making out of lists, and a lot of to-ing and fro-ing if any item isn’t available.

The Shuttle and Loom is located adjacent to a busy supermarket, but, although there seemed to be many customers in, we did manage to find a table, and were served fairly efficiently.

Check out my review of shuttle and loom – I am nomadkeith – on Qype



  1. Hi Keith,
    I have to agree, I also like to have a waiter if we are going out, especially for an evening meal. Sounds like a really nice place to eat, and the service also sounds good.

    • Another thing I find in a lot of such places is that you pay in advance; no problem with that, but, if you pay by card, and want another drink later, you need to have enough cash if you don’t want to put such a small amount on your card.

      There are, however, a few places where they ask ‘Do you want to leave this open?’, so you only complete the transaction when you’ve finished, but they’re still protected if you do a runner.

      • There are a lot of places here as well that you pay for your meal first, you can understand why businesses have to do that these days.

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