Posted by: travelrat | January 2, 2012

Trip Diary Vol. III

‘Keep a diary’ Mae West once said. ‘One day, it may keep you!’

While I don’t record my every action, I did start my Trip Diary in 2002, as a result of a friendly argument as to which year we first went to Egypt. The entries came in useful, for, at the time, I contributed short, 300 word ‘postcards’ to a (now sadly defunct) travel magazine, which provided some regular, if not very large income.

Since 2006, these ‘postcards’ have been replaced by blog posts … again, almost already written. With both of these, I could sometimes string two or three together, sand over the cracks, as it were, and produce a reasonably readable article … and maybe, one day, I might be able to link some articles together to make a book.

It’s not only a diary, though … it’s a sort of scrapbook, where I stick tickets, menus, postcards, brochures and all the other ephemera a pack-rat like me collects along the way.

I said ‘diary’ in the singular, but actually, I’m just coming to the end of Volume II … for which I thank Apple Core Hotels for including such a useful book in their goody bag. And, Volume III is about to start, thanks to my lovely, thoughtful grand-daughter, Ellie who gave me a purpose-built Travel Journal for Christmas.

And, where will 2012 take us? Well, just before Christmas, we had everything planned and booked up, then something beyond our control happened to turn all our plans to rat’s droppings. We have an alternative plan worked out (it’s actually better than the original) but we won’t be able to firm it up until Australia goes back to work after the New Year.

So, the only thing set in concrete are flying into Adelaide on the 22nd March and leaving on the 9th May. For the finer detail, watch this space!



  1. Hi Keith,
    What a fantastic idea to have travel diary’s as such. I also keep entry tickets etc to places we go when on holiday, I put these in our photo albums, yes I still do albums, even though all photos are now on disk.

    It’s great that you are able to come back to OZ for another holiday, can’t wait to hear more of what you have planned for 2012.

    • I have photobooks made of my best pictures … themed, rather than just haphazardly stuck in. I get mine from Snapfish (it’s here; if they operate in Australia, it’s probably .com or

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my tiny post on ‘Kiss From The World’ 🙂

    These look like they’re bursting with memories- am sure you must enjoy looking over them with a reminiscent sigh!

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