Posted by: travelrat | December 16, 2011

Kinsale Harbour Cruise

Kinsale: 14th September 2011

If it has a harbour, the chances are it also has a harbour cruise. So, after lunch, we boarded the ‘Spirit of Kinsale’. A commentary gave us some of the history, and, once more, we were surprised how much there was. I’ve already told about how important a trading port it was in bygone days, and about the Spanish occupation … I can’t call it an ‘invasion’, because they were there for support of, at the invitation of Irish rebels.

And, there’s more! In 1689, the exiled King, James II, deposed for his Catholic beliefs and belief in the Divine Right of Kings, landed in Ireland in an attempt to regain the throne. He was, however, defeated by the forces of his son-in-law, William III, at the Battle of the Boyne, and embarked at Kinsale, never to return.

Two forts guard the harbour mouth. After the Battle of Kinsale, in 1601, James Fort was built. There was a fortification on the opposite side, too, on the site of which, in the late 17th Century, Charles Fort was built. And, the harbour could be defended not only with guns, but by stringing a boom between the two. But, more about Charles Fort later …. that’s enough history for now!

We frequently saw cormorants and herons … but, sadly, no seals or dolphins. But, they just said we MAY see them; they didn’t promise anything.


James Fort

Article about an adventure from way back: 


  1. Hi,
    What a fantastic Harbour Cruise, it’s great when you have good commentary and can learn about your surroundings, it makes the trip that much better I feel. I love the photo of the old fort, looks interesting.

    I had a look at your post from “way back” and I couldn’t get over all the cats in one of the photos unbelievable. 🙂

    • I have video, but can’t post it till the 30th, as I shall be away next week. And, I didn’t put up photos of Fort Charles, the more spectacular one, as I shall be dealing with it later.

      Cats, you see in great numbers all around the Mediterranean. It is said you can tell the quality of a Greek restaurant by the number of cats around it, but it’s a matter of dispute whether a large number of cats equals great food, or poor food, because there are more scraps for them.:D

  2. I would have loved that Harbour Cruise. Amazing to think that fort is still there after all that time. So sorry you didn’t get to see the seals….

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