Posted by: travelrat | December 12, 2011

Vintage Commercial Cavalcade

I haven’t quite reached the age when I’m content to simply sit by the roadside and watch the traffic go past. I only do it once a year; on the first Sunday in September, when the Vintage Commercial Vehicles hold their Cavalcade, which passes through Amesbury.

Now, I’ve never driven a truck for a living, but I can identify with these vehicles because I’ve ridden in many like them, back in the days when standing at the roadside with a raised thumb could get you anywhere in the country in a reasonable time. In fact, I once worked it out that I could hitch-hike from Ripon, where I was stationed to Chester, where my then girlfriend lived in less time than the train took!

And, I really liked that the two coaches in the Cavalcade were full of pensioners. I’m not sure what the Wilts & Dorset bus was doing there, though. There are several like it still in service!

(Unfortunately, there was only one steam lorry in the Cavalcade, so I had to decide in a hurry whether to make video or take a still)

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  1. Hi Keith,
    That was great, I really enjoyed watching the video. It would of been fun watching all those go past. 🙂

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