Posted by: travelrat | November 21, 2011

Leeds Castle Video

Leeds Castle: 18th July 2011.


I think it’s time to stop playing with ‘Carousel’, and put up some video!


Leeds Castle used to be known as the ‘Queens’ Castle’, a name which dates from the time it was a Royal castle, and, on several occasions, home to the Dowager Queen after the King’s death.


One such lady was Catherine of Valois, widow of King Henry V. Catherine formed an attachment with her major-domo, one Owen Tudor. She did marry him, and had several children, but the marriage was not recognised. The year before, a law had been passed forbidding the Dowager Queen to remarry without the King’s permission, which they did not have.


However, Henry VI thought enough of his stepfather to have him knighted, and eventually, placed him in command of the Lancastrian forces at the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross, in the Wars of the Roses. They were defeated, and Owen executed by the Yorkist forces. The Yorkists were, in turn, eventually defeated at the battle of Bosworth Field, where the then King, Richard III met his death.


And, who took his place? Owen Tudor’s grandson, Henry, who took the throne as Henry VII, and founded the Tudor royal dynasty.


Here endeth the history lesson … on with the video!




  1. Hi Keith,
    A fantastic video, I loved it.
    It looks like the castle is actually sitting in the water in places?

  2. Was this the castle used in the movie ‘Shakespeare in Love’?

    • A lot of people have asked me that; I’m not certain; must check … I believe I have the DVD …

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