Posted by: travelrat | November 14, 2011

Leeds Castle: Slide Show

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Leeds Castle: 18th July 2011.

As regular visitors know, if I have a lot of photos to share, I like to put them in a slide show. Maybe it’s just me, but, if a blogger has, say, a dozen pictures to show, I don’t really like scrolling down too much; three per post is usually my limit. Hence the slide show; it’s a really compact way of doing it

This week, I wanted to put up a slide show of Leeds Castle, and heard that those good folks at WordPress have introduced another feature called the Carousel … details at

So, enjoy the pictures. If it didn’t work, you’ll see a video or a regular slide show here; if it did, you’ll see the video next week.


  1. HI Keith,
    Love the slide show, the gardens are magnificent, the flowers look lovely and the lawns are pristine, and I absolutely love the white peacock.
    It must of been very nice walking around and through the Castle, it looks huge.

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