Posted by: travelrat | October 26, 2011

More ‘Famous Pies’ at Kuranda.

Kuranda: 22nd August 2010

I’ve got things a little out of order here. I was going to post the video of the Kuranda Skyrail, but someone who professes to know about these things told me it’s not a good idea to have back-to-back posts with video in them. So, I’ll put it up next week, and tell you a little bit about Kuranda itself.

It was originally founded in 1873 by miners in search of the gold that had been discovered in those thickly forested hills. Other valuable minerals were also found nearby. In the 1960s, like quite a few other mountain towns, the hippies set up a thriving colony here, and, over time, became ‘respectable’, and Kuranda became a centre for arts and crafts, usually of an exotic kind.

With hindsight, I think I’d advise, if you do the same ‘up on the Skyrail; down on the train’ trip that we did, maybe you should, if you can, try to arrange it to take place over two consecutive days, so you can spend more time in Kuranda. Tere’s so much to see that you’d be hard put to do much between the arrival of the Skyrail and the departure of the train.

There’s bird, butterfly, snake and koala sanctuaries; or there’s the rainforest itself, through which you can walk, take a horse-ride or a safari in an amphibious DUKW. Or, a short river cruise along the Barron River.

We only had time, though, to stroll through the colourful, quirky markets … and try another ‘famous pie’ at a crowded establishment called ‘Annabel’s Pantry’. I’ve often waxed lyrical on the combination of pie and peas … if you order the ‘Stockman’ at Annabel’s, you get the peas actually baked into the pie. Delicious!

 There’s a couple of my articles at and at . They’re both old articles which appeared in print some time ago, but I put them online so I could refer correspondents who wanted to know about these things to them.



  1. Hi Keith,
    A very full day indeed, if only there was more hours in the day, it’s always hard when you have limited time, especially when there is so much to see and do.

    • It’s always best to leave something, to give you an excuse to return, instead of just ticking it off on a ‘been there; done that’ list and disregarding it for evermore for that reason alone.

      (I think of the person who claimed to have ‘done Germany’ … she actually spent three days there on a ‘Europe in 14 days’ coach trip, calling at three tourist attractions.)

  2. Now that sounds delish – the peas baked into the pie. That is my idea of heaven YUM!

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