Posted by: travelrat | October 24, 2011

Dover Castle Video

Dover: 17th July 2011.

So, it’s all over! After only 10 hours ashore, the Dawn Princess left Dover for Amsterdam (it didn’t get there, but that’s another story!). She would be calling at the British Isles again. In a few days time, she was due at Greenock, in Scotland, where my daughter and her family would meet Garry and Joanne and show them around.

You can read about this bit at and their side of our exploits at

We did wonder if it would have been better if, like the previous year, Dawn Princess had called at Southampton, instead of Dover? That way, we could have showed them around stuff we knew. I have to say, though, we really enjoyed exploring places new to us, as well.

But, we have the memories … and, of course, the video!


  1. Hi Keith,
    Magnificent, it really would of been fun to walk through the castle. I would of really enjoyed myself going through it, when I’m in places like this, I’m like a little kid discovering something new. 🙂

  2. Beautiful castle. it would have been magical to walk through it. I would’ve felt like getting out my lute. So lovely to know it is still standing after all these years!

    • The reason it’s so well preserved is that it was used as a military barracks till fairly recently. I think I’d like to have been stationed there … much better than a jerry-built hutted camp miles from anywhere!

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