Posted by: travelrat | October 21, 2011

Second Leg: Rosslare to Waterford.

Waterford: September 12th, 2011

With 100% hindsight, maybe we should have stayed in Wexford or somewhere when we got off the ferry. Mind you, it wasn’t that much of a problem driving in a strange country in the dark; at least, the Irish drive on ‘God’s side’ of the road! However, they give their distances and speed limits in kilometres. This wouldn’t have been a problem in my last car … or, indeed, in any other car I’ve owned in the last 30 years … for the speedo was calibrated in miles and kilometres.

But, my present motor has an electronic speedo, which is indeed a wonderful device. At the push of a button, you can get your mileage, trip mileage, accumulated trip mileage, fuel consumption, average speed, miles to your next service and range of the fuel left in your tank … but you can’t convert your speedo to read kph instead of mph. So, I had to revert to mental ‘divide by five and multiply by three’ calculations.

(If anyone from Renault is reading this, you can have the idea for nothing!)

We stopped in New Ross, where we called at ‘T J Bellas’, an excellent fish and chip shop for supper. We didn’t, of course, see a lot of New Ross except the magnificent ‘tall ship’ on the river, which we watched as we sat in the car eating our fish and chips. Was it permanently moored here as a restaurant, or something? A little web research revealed it to be the former migrant ship Dunbrody, which is a sort of museum of Irish emigrants in search of a better life.

We arrived at the Waterford Travelodge about 8.30 pm. We had a little difficulty finding this. The instructions were clear enough. ‘Follow the signs to Cork. We’re on the way out of town; you can’t miss it!’ The trouble was, these instructions didn’t take account of the recently-opened toll road, which by-passes the town completely. So, when we’d finally worked out where we were, we had to drive into Waterford from the direction of Cork. If we’d taken the ‘old road’, we’d have had no trouble at all.

It’s clean, but starting to show its age. But, it’s just somewhere to crash for the night …. and the cheerful, friendly receptionist made up for a lot.



  1. Hi Keith,
    Love the photo, the ship looks magnificent with the coloured lights. We also like to have fish and chips by the water every now and then, there is just something about the peacefulness of it all I suppose.
    I had to have a bit of a laugh about the car, they seemed to think of everything, but forget one of the most handiest items, especially for people in Europe.

    • We ate a lot of fish & chips! Kinsale is *supposed* to be the ‘gourmet capital of Ireland’; we’d love to have sampled some of the tempting fare on offer, but we were on a budget … saving for the trip to Australia next year.

      What I miss on this car that I had on my last (a similar model) is … the sunroof! Someone in their wisdom decided there was ‘no demand’ for such!

  2. WOW. I love that photo. The colours are spectacular. I love my fish and chips too. You can’t beat it if you are munching by the sea!

  3. LOVE the photo! What a gorgeous sunset?

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