Posted by: travelrat | October 5, 2011

A Quiet Day in Cairns … NOT!!


Cairns: 21st August 2010.


Today was supposed to be a rest day. It started off well enough, with a long lie-in, and what was supposed to be a leisurely breakfast of fried eggs … BUT, that fridge was way too cold! Have you ever tried to fry a deep-frozen egg? Lesson learned … in self-catering accommodation, check the setting of the fridge, and don’t put your eggs too close to the freezer compartment.


I had a couple of things I wanted to do that morning. First, to walk a little way down the road to get a better picture of the Captain Cook statue. Then, since we were to ride on the Kuranda Scenic Railway the following day, and the railway line runs past the end of the street, I was able to do some trackside photography and video as the train passed.


When I returned, the ladies wanted to do something in the afternoon. Let’s go ziplining, I suggested. I can’t remember what we called such a contrivance in Basic Training, but I do recall the reaction.

That was great, Sarge! Can we do it again?’


But, I got outvoted. We went tubing on the Mulgrave River. It’s not quite as awesome as it sounds; all you do is sit in a rubber ring, and let the current, and, occasionally, minor rapids take you where it will.


You do have some limited control, though, and can usually finish up approximately where you want to be. But mainly, you just sit back and admire the scenery.


And, it’s perfectly safe. You don’t have to be a strong swimmer, or even be able to swim at all to participate. Everyone has to wear a flotation aid and a helmet, in case they fall out and hit their head.


But, nobody fell out … indeed, the two guides said that, in their experience, nobody ever has.


Sadly, we don’t have any photographs … no way were we going to risk cameras in such an environment. We did have the waterproof camera we bought the other day on the Barrier Reef, but we’d used all the film. And, could we get another? Well, maybe if we’d had time to go into the town centre, we could have found one, but where we were, all we could find was a slide film that was three years out of date.


Progress, or what?


  1. Hi Keith,
    I love the Captain Cook statue, that is hilarious, he wasn’t there last time I was up that way, or if he was I missed it. 🙂
    The trip on the Mulgrave River sounds like it was a heap of fun.

    • The thing that got me was how he was repainted in the colours of a football team, rather than the traditional Navy blue!

  2. Just what is Captain Cook gesturing at? I have no idea. Love the train. Cairns is a nice part of the world!

    • I don’t know! Maybe I should hold a caption competition? 😀

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