Posted by: travelrat | October 2, 2011

The Red Kite

I was going to devote my ‘Sunday Dishes’ to Qype reviews of where we ate and stayed on our recent road trip. But, they’ll have to wait for a while, because one or two things have been going on locally that I wanted to post about while they’re still timely.

While I was away, yet another Charlotte Moreton/Qinetiq sculpture appeared at Solstice Park. I went down to photograph it this morning, although I don’t think it’s been Hereby Officially Declared Open yet.

I’m not sure I like the overall effect; certainly the sculpture itself I can’t fault, but I think they’ve gone rather over the top with the ugly and obtrusive supports. Couldn’t they have found a neater way to do it?

(I’d suggest a gantry kind of affair, from which it could be suspended by a cable … but, what do I know? I am neither artist nor engineer.)



  1. Hi Keith,
    I totally agree with you, the supports look very much out of place, to the point of being ugly I feel. Maybe it would of been better to have something like a fake mountain under it, or something like that to hold it up.

  2. The sculpture itself is very realistic. I really like it a lot but you’re right, the supports lessen the effect. Still looks good, though!

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