Posted by: travelrat | September 30, 2011

Supper … and Breakfast … in Madrid

Madrid: 1st April 2011.

I found the Cafeteria Roman purely by accident. I’d taken the wrong exit at the Barrio de la Concepcion Metro station, and found myself in a plaza I didn’t know existed. The cafeteria was hiding in a shady arcade, and I felt like a beer and a bite before retracing my steps and finding my hotel.

So, into the companionable bar, where a huge ham stood on the counter, with a ‘really stinky’ cheese close by. Was there anything else I could have?

‘Un cerveza, y un bocadillo de jamon y queso, por favor!

She understood me! My Spanish is improving! Although I do need to learn more, otherwise I’m going to have to exist on beer and ham and cheese toasties while I’m in Spain.

The following morning, in search of breakfast on my way to the airport, I found my old favourite, the Magaly, and my new discovery, La Gasolinera both closed. But, the Cafeteria Roman was open.

And, they had excellent chocolate con churros!

I think I could live here!


  1. Hi Keith,
    That is astonishing, I have never seen anything like it, I don’t think I could bring myself to eat that, just laying around on the counter, it beggars belief, and I love ham.

    • There’s a lot of places you can go to in Spain where they have hams hanging from the ceiling … as many a farmhouse in the North of England used to do up until the 1960s.

      It’s maybe a bit like Camembert … it looks disgusting, but tastes delicious. And, the Spanish love their ham, so it’s unlikely it would remain ofn the counter for very long.

  2. My son would be in heaven with that ham. And cheese toasties. Better not tell him or he’ll be planning a trip to Spain….

    • Oh, dear! And I’ve told how to ask for a ham and cheese toastie in Spanish! 😀

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