Posted by: travelrat | September 26, 2011

Normal Service should be resumed ….

I’m in Leeds, and on the last stage of our road trip; we head for home tomorrow.

We weren’t all that impressed with Dublin. Maybe we didn’t spend long enough there; maybe we just hit town at the wrong time, but there were just too many crowds and too much bustle for us to really enjoy it. But, since I didn’t have to drive, I managed, at last, to hoist a Guinness. And yes, it does taste different in Dublin; normally, I wouldn’t walk far for one, but this one wasn’t bad at all.

Ireland’s different for the rest of the eurozone, too. Normally, I come away from a country that uses the euro with a pocket full of change … but not here; when paying road tolls and riding Dublin buses, you need to have the correct change in coins. Also, in one place, they have a road toll system called eflow … which I’ll explain more fully when its turn comes in the Trip Diary … which we didn’t find out about till we picked up a leaflet about it on the ferry to Liverpool.

And finally, a picture of our last morning in Ireland, as we were waiting to board the ferry to Liverpool ….


  1. Love the colour of the sky. Looking forward to hearing your tales when you return!

  2. Hi Keith,
    The colours of the sky are magnificent.
    Trips always seem to go so very quickly don’t they? But it is always nice to be back home again. 🙂

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