Posted by: travelrat | September 16, 2011

Blarney Castle

This is the famous Blarney Castle, which we couldn’t stay in the area without visiting. And no, we didn’t kiss the Blarney Stone; everyone who knows me says I have no need to, and probably kissed it in a previous existence. And, I don’t think it would have done my back any good. Much more, and better pictures, when its turn comes around in the Trip Diary.



  1. Hi Keith,
    Wow, I love it, makes me think of all sorts of mysteries, I would love to go exploring in this Castle.

  2. It does look back for your back to kiss the stone. I don’t think I need to kiss it either. Hahahaha.

  3. Blarney Castle is a great place to explore, so too is Bunratty Castle. However i’m kinda biased in that I prefer The Rock of Cashel (mainly because I would see it every time I visited my grandparents.

    • I’ll be posting more about Blarney Castle, with more pix and video, in the weeks to come. We saw Cashel, too, but didn’t go in as time was a little tight, and the castle was covered in scaffolding. But, hopefully, another time …???

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