Posted by: travelrat | September 9, 2011

Further Explorations in Villacarriedo.

Villacarriedo: 30th March 2011.

Villacarriedo is laid out in a narrow sort of strip along the road, so you don’t have to walk far down a side-street to be in the open country. There is a river, too, but the buildings don’t seem to be laid out along it. To my mind, it’s an ideal distance from the hotel for these schemes; far enough away for it not to be too much of a distraction, but near enough if you need to walk there and buy something.

I got teamed up with a Spaniard who wanted to buy cigarettes, and I needed batteries for my audio recorder. And, on the way, we had a sort of mutual exchange.

‘If you want a battery for your car, it’s ‘batteria’’, I was told ‘but, for your flashlight, you must ask for ‘pilas’’

‘Flashlight is American; we’d call it a torch!’

No, I wasn’t being pernickety; Julio had already expressed an interest in the transatlantic differences in words. And, I was learning some Spanish … I think. We passed an old gentleman walking along the (sidewalk? No, pavement!)

‘Buenas Dias!’ we said

‘Buenas Tardes!’ he replied.

A little further on, we passed a lady working in her garden.

‘Buenas Tardes!’ I greeted her

‘Buenas Dias!’ she said.

I think, in future, I will stick to ‘Hola!’ But, to be fair, we didn’t get the scowl you’d get from a certain class of Englishman if you wished him ‘Good morning!’ at a quarter past twelve!

We quickly found a supermarket … really, more of a convenience store, and I bought my batteries, and Julio his cigarettes. And, we found we had plenty of time in hand, so, after admiring and photographing the Town Hall, we called at an establishment where I was able to practise more Spanish.

‘Dos cervezas, por favor!’

(and here, we leave the ‘Trip Diary for a while for I’m off to Ireland on Monday. I’ll be working on my usual ‘blog if I can; tweet when I can’t’ plan, and, if that doesn’t work, I’ll be back around the end of the month. Adios! )  


  1. Hi Keith,
    Isn’t it wonderful the people we meet when traveling. Enjoy your trip to Ireland, and will be looking forward to your posts when you get back.

  2. Enjoy your time in Ireland. I really like your photo of the two crosses. See you when you get back!

    • Insha’allah!

      We’re watching the progress of Hurricane Katia … although, to be correct, it’ll be downgraded to a ‘post-tropical storm’ by the time it gets to us … if it does!

      Main concerns are a) Will the Severn Bridge be closed? (We’ll allow plenty of time in case it is) and will the ferry be delayed? (Not an insurmountable problem … if necessary, we’ll spend the night in Fishguard instead of Waterford; we’re not planning to get to Kinsale till Tuesday evening, anyway)

      I liked the form of one of the crosses … seemed to me to be typically Spanish … or Hispanic; I believe they have them in Mexico, too.

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