Posted by: travelrat | September 7, 2011

Night Market, Cairns

Cairns: 20th August 2010

On returning to Cairns from the rain forest tour, we could have been dropped at our accommodation. But, we went into town instead, because Lorraine and Ellie wanted to see the Night Market. This is in a covered mall, within which there are lots of places to get something to eat … from bento boxes to bratwurst; the world is your oyster (or calimari, or prawns) here!

I didn’t see much in the way of produce, though. The main things on display are clothing and souvenirs. And Ugg boots! In Queensland?

Outside, we wandered by the lighted pool on the Esplanade; a necessary feature, considering what a dangerous place the beach is; I suspect doubly so at night.

And here were a couple of street performers, with a fire-juggling act, rehearsing for a big buskers’ festival on the morrow. Hopefully, collecting a few coins on the way, too.


  1. Hi Keith,
    They didn’t have night markets in Cairns when I was there last, many, many years ago, it looks like there was a few things to look at. I love the fire act, that would of been interesting to watch.

    It does sound odd to people to see UGG boots in QLD, but I wear them every winter around the house mostly, even though in other parts of the world our winters are more like Autumn or Spring, to people living here, it is cold, I suppose it’s what your body is used to. 🙂

  2. I would love to go to the night markets. Funny about the UGGs. They’re probably quite popular with the tourists!

  3. Quite popular, too, with people who leave spam comments on my blog, trying to sell be them! 😀

    There was a feature about them on ‘Freshly Pressed’ yesterday, at Mags, you seem to have got it right by wearing them instead of carpet slippers!

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