Posted by: travelrat | August 29, 2011

The Boys (and Girls) in the Band.

I’m breaking into the ‘Kent Odyssey’ to tell about the open-air band concert I went to in the grounds of Amesbury Abbey. Which, incidentally, is not really an abbey, but the name of a house; Henry VIII had the Abbey destroyed in the 16th Century.

The Amesbury Town Band have long-standing links with the town band of Casalbuttano, in Italy, and the bands often do exchange visits to each other’s town. On this visit, the Casalbuttano band were assisted by the San Lorenzo Band from nearby Offanengo. The conductor, Andrea Maggione is the Director of both bands.

The programme was neatly divided into three parts. First, the Amesbury band performed, then the Italians and finally, all combined for the last part and the finale.

I made a big mistake, though. I wasn’t sure about the car-parking arrangements, so I walked down. And, I wasn’t going to lug a folding chair all that way, so decided to treat it like a Promenade Concert. Next time, I will bring my car … and a chair!

But, I did stay to see the firework display at the end, and I took some pictures, of course!


  1. Hi Keith,
    Wow, great photo of the fireworks, sometimes it is so hard to get really good pictures of fireworks good on you.
    Sounds like they didn’t have anywhere for anyone to sit, would of made for a long night, but it seems you had a good time regardless.

    • The technique is easy enough … just disable the flash and open the shutter. The real trick is predicting the bit of sky in which the burst will happen. You’d get a pretty high failure rate, but, with a digital camera, that’s acceptable.

  2. I love a good burst of fireworks. Great shot. Good venue for a live performance. That’s a big drum right there!

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