Posted by: travelrat | August 22, 2011


Canterbury: 17th July 2011.

To look at most souvenirs of Canterbury, you’d probably get the impression that the Cathedral is in the middle of a meadow. Not so; it’s in the middle of a ‘precinct’, which you have to pay to get into. I compared this with Salisbury. You have to pay to get into the Cathedral (officially, they ‘request a donation’) but you can walk around, and photograph the outside for nothing.

We couldn’t go in anyway, for it was Sunday, and a service was being held. I therefore contented myself with some photographs of the gatehouse, and from outside the precinct.

What else is there to do in Canterbury? It had been suggested that a cruise on the river might be quite nice. So it might … in better weather!

That left going for a coffee … at least, that was good, and brought by a cheerful waitress … and browsing around the craft and souvenir shops. Most of the souvenirs, I observed, seemed to feature London ‘icons’; not much at all about Canterbury except for the odd postcard or fridge magnet.

The place was starting to fill up with tourist crowds in search of Thomas A’Becket and Chaucer connections, so we decided, after a brief inspection of the city walls between showers, to get back in the car and look elsewhere for lunch.


  1. Hi Keith,
    The Architecture is absolutely magnificent, what a shame you couldn’t go inside, I have a feeling it also would be very nice. I love the street lights, so unusual something totally different, a lot better than our boring old ones here in OZ. 🙂

  2. That cathedral is spectacular. I can feel myself slipping into Ye Olde English just by looking at it. Magnificent!

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