Posted by: travelrat | August 15, 2011

Clipper Race: Video.

Southampton: 31st July 2011.

To round up our sail around Southampton Water, here’s the video I took on ‘Gold Coast Australia’. As I write, they’re well into the first leg. ‘Gold Coast’ won the first race to Madeira, and is presently in ‘stealth mode’, so nobody but the race organisers know where she is, after hotly contesting the lead in the second race to Rio.

The video has also been embedded at … although there’s not much there I haven’t said already.

And there, we leave the race until the boats return to Southampton next year. Although I did get invited for another sail, at Cowes Week. That, I reluctantly had to turn down … otherwise Lorraine would have had to forgo her birthday treat, and I’d never hear the end of that!


  1. Hi Keith,
    A great video, the boat is huge, and the amount of work that is involved is unreal, I have never been lucky enough to be on anything like that, what an adventure.

    • It does look big, certainly … especially when you compare it with the one on which I last sailed, but imagine 18 people occupying that space, sometimes for weeks at a time!

  2. It really is a lot of work to keep it moving. WOW. Quite an incredible experience!

    • There’s a lot of labour-saving devices they coulduse to make life easier, but they don’t have them … I suppose the sense of achievement just wouldn’t be the same … (only comparison I can think of is doing the Pennine Way on a motor bike, and staying at B&Bs on the way)

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