Posted by: travelrat | August 7, 2011

Qype: The Old Bell in Rye

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If I wasn’t going to award the Old Bell five stars anyway, I’d have given it an extra one for not calling itself ‘Ye Olde Bell’

But, it certainly merits the title ‘Old’, for parts of it date from the 14th Century. It’s a lovely, flower-decked half-timbered building, with which my guests from overseas were delighted. The interior is in keeping, too, and everyone enthused about the reasonably priced roast chicken. Not me, though … I had the ‘Pork Pie Ploughman’s’, for I don’t like a heavy meal in the middle of the day. And, being something of a connoisseur of pies, this was as good as the product of Melton Mowbray … although they’re not allowed to call it such these days, for ‘Melton Mowbray’ is now a PDO.

I can’t speak for the beer, for it was my turn to drive. The others pronounced it satisfactory, though.

Check out my review of The Old Bell – I am nomadkeith – on Qype



  1. Hi Keith,
    I love the way they have put the hanging baskets of flowers around the top, it really brightens up the place, and makes it also look very inviting. I also like all the greenery around the top of the building next door.

    14th Century building, I would love it, and to have nice meals as well, that is the icing on the cake. 🙂

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