Posted by: travelrat | August 5, 2011

On the Way to Cantabria

Lerma: 27/3/11

Villacarreido, 27th March 2011.

I was looking forward to my breakfast of a coffee and roll at El Serpentin before boarding the bus to Villacarreido. But, it was closed! It’s Sunday, said the man on reception at the Eurobuilding 2. They never open on Sundays. Which was ‘horse-exhaust’; I was here last September, and distinctly remember having a coffee and a pan chocolate … on a Sunday morning.

So, I had to wait until Lerma, when our driver took his statutory break at a service area a little way off the motorway. There was the potential for a fine photo here … except it was dull, grey and drizzly. But, I took a photo anyway, on the grounds that ‘I may never pass this way again’. But, I did. We stopped here on the return journey five days later, when conditions were much better, and I was able to take a much better picture.

And, subsequently, I was able to use the two pictures to illustrate what a difference a few days makes.

So, it was on to Cantabria, and Villacarreido, which is a lovely old town looks like it might present a lot of photographic opportunities. The hotel where we’re staying is a great piece of 18th Century baroque architecture, and was once a grand palace. Indeed, according to Wikipedia, it’s the main attraction around here.

The area itself is much more green than any other areas of Spain I’ve seen, and I think I’m going to like it here.

Lerma: 1/4/11



  1. Hi Keith,
    There certainly is a big difference in the two pictures. Looks like a lovely area. It does seem a bit odd in this day and age that a tourist can’t get breakfast because it is a Sunday, sort of reminds me of many, many years ago, when nothing was ever opened on a Sunday. Seems a bit silly missing out on a bit of money, it would pay them to know when tourists are arriving and make sure they are opened.

    • Probably because El Serpentin isn’t really in a tourist area; I think, though, maybe they’d open later in the year; remember, this was only March!

      However, since we have our tapas party there the night before, surely that’s a clue that you’re about to get hit by a coachload of visitors on the morrow?

  2. It really is lovely. I do enjoy a good spire.

  3. Funny isn’t it, I take photos wherever I go but when it comes to the ones I publish it’s always the blue skies that make it on to the blog – not that we bloggers aren’t completely honest or anything

    • I hear you!

      Trouble is, a lot of visitors read travel blogs as a means to escape, and don’t want to see monotonous, leaden skies. So, usually, I try to find pictures that aren’t so weather-dependent.

      But, sometimes, it’s inevitable … wait for my posts on Canterbury! 😀

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