Posted by: travelrat | August 3, 2011

We Came to a River …

Daintree River: 20th August, 2010.

A bit more driving brought us to the Daintree River. The way to deal with this is to cross it on a chain ferry (In Australia, it’s called a ‘punt’. Why do they always misname their boats; remember, we crossed to Fraser Island on a ‘barge’?)

But, we didn’t use it. Mal, the driver/guide took the bus across on it, while we transferred to a boat which was going to take us for a short cruise up the river. And, of course, we were looking for crocodiles … especially the famed ‘Fat Albert’, a monster reputed to frequent these parts.

He wasn’t around, although the boatman said he’d seen a couple of fair-sized females on his way down to the crossing. There were other things to see, though. Herons, egrets, a frogmouth … and, finally, lurking in the reeds … well, it was a crocodile, but a very young one. We didn’t get a very good view of him because, when they’re not displaying at Australia Zoo (or eating you!) crocodiles tend to lurk, and wait till something tasty comes by.

And, we were assured that Mama wasn’t far away!



  1. Hi Keith,
    What a shame you didn’t get to see any big crocs, they would of been there somewhere, I haven’t been to the Daintree, but it looks like a very interesting cruise up the river.

    • I fully accept that creatures in the wild don’t appear to order. Maybe he should take a leaf from the book of Jacob, our Kenyan guide.

      ‘We will see no (e.g.) elephants today’ he would say … and, half an hour later, we’d see elephants.

      This, though, isn’t the first time we haven’t seen what we came to see, but what we DID see was adequate compensation.

  2. I don’t know if I’d want to see Fat Albert. He sounds like he might be an urban legend type creature and who knows – if he were to materialise he might roll the boat or something. Or the punt… Hahaha.

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