Posted by: travelrat | July 27, 2011

Up the Daintree

Daintree Rain Forest: 20th August 2010

As we waited for the bus to take us up to the Daintree Rain Forest, I wondered if it would have been better if we went yesterday … when it was raining?

But, if you remember, yesterday, the rain soon stopped and the sun came out. Besides, the Daintree Rain Forest is a ‘fair step’ from Cairns, and anything could happen in the meantime. Maybe it could, but it didn’t rain.

The downside of the ‘fair step’ is that the bus calls for you at a distinctly unsocial hour; the upside is that you can inspect the back of your eyelids on the bus. Not for long, though … not on the ‘Scenic Coastal Drive’ along the Captain Cook Highway.

We left the Captain Cook Highway along the Bailey’s Creek Road. Here, we stopped for a coffee at a rather shanty-ish pub, restaurant and (of course) souvenir shop. There are signs here offering all sorts of things. Birdwatching, fishing, mud crabs, crocodiles … and, of course, food and beer. And, an indication you’re really getting out into the cuds; a sign stating this is the last pub for 240 km.

Here was another bus from the same company, returning from a multi-day trip. Make a note of the number of our bus, said the guide. They’re absolutely identical, and we wouldn’t want you getting on the wrong one, and finishing up back in Cairns.

I think he was only joking, though. We could easily identify our bus. It was the one that wasn’t pulling the trailer!



  1. Hi Keith,
    Even though it is a bit of a long trip, it certainly sounds like you may of had a good day of it. Oh yes you must let people know how far it is to the next pub, there are a few signs like this around OZ and you really have to laugh. I love them, and I’m sure everyone has a smile on their face when they come across these signs. 🙂

  2. You’re sounding like a real Aussie with that title. It’s so Aussie to say ‘Up the Daintree’ or ‘Down the road.’ I love it.

    I like the last pub sign. That would strike fear into the hearts of many an Aussie beer drinker. Classic!

    • Didn’t know it was particularly Aussie; we often go ‘down the village’ or ‘down the pub’ And, in ‘Eastenders’ they’re always going ‘dahn the Vic’

      Congratulations, BTW, on posting my 2000th comment!

      Thank you!

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