Posted by: travelrat | July 20, 2011

Barrier Reef Video

Cairns: 19th August 2010

It’s video time again, and here’s a summing up of all the things we did on the MarineWorld platform. What I’m not including is the video I didn’t take of the pod of humpback whales we passed on the way home. Fortunately, Ellie got some, which she let me use if I didn’t put video of her dancing with the Tjapukai people on YouTube!

They were very generous … the Captain said he wouldn’t charge any extra for the sighting, and, anyway, he’s bound by law to slow down when they are about.

I didn’t get any footage because the batteries on my camcorder were absolutely flat. It was remarked that it’s a good thing we went whale-watching the week before, otherwise I’d be spitting chips.

I said … see one whale, you’ve seen them all. But, of course, I didn’t mean it!


  1. Hi Keith,
    A great video, and a great day out. What a shame your batteries went flat on you, but still a great bonus to finish off the day nicely.

  2. Brilliant. I really liked seeing the jellyfish towards the end. They were quite beautiful under the water. Your videos are always excellent!

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