Posted by: travelrat | July 10, 2011

7 Links: A Dip in the Archives

I was nominated to take part in the 7 Links project, and here are the picks from my blog archives.

My Most Beautiful Post:

That’s like being asked to pick out your favourite child; usually, I fudge, and answer ‘The one I’m dealing with at the moment’ But, I’ll go for a part of the ongoing photo/video project ‘Four Seasons at Roundhay’ …

My Most Popular Post:

Probably the one about the Stonehenge buses, but, since that’s been chosen as the ‘most helpful’, I’ll pick

My Most Controversial Post:

Generally, I try to avoid controversy, but this one seems to have got under someone’s toenails; I can’t understand why, because I’m saying more or less what this guy’s saying.

My Most Helpful Post:

I hope so anyway, because hardly a day goes by when a search engine doesn’t direct readers to this one

Post whose Success surprised me:

It was just a description of my accommodation, but it was among the ‘most popular’ for a while.

Post which didn’t get the attention it deserved:

No one to blame but me here! Maybe I should have beaten the drum a bit more loudly?

Post I’m proudest of:

I haven’t put the ‘Barrier Reef’ video up yet, mainly because I haven’t quite finished editing it. But, a close second comes


  1. Hi Keith,
    All very good posts. I see what you mean about the most controversial post, I went through some of the comments, but someone was not happy. 🙂
    It is funny how a post will turn into something completely different sometimes, I think maybe because we have visitors from all over, and to each a post can mean different things, makes life interesting. 🙂

    • Well, the guy did have some points, but neither he nor Ianto (my Welsh language ‘expert’) answered my question … if writing a ‘historical’ piece, do you use the modern spelling, or that in vogue at the time you’re writing about?

  2. I think this just goes to show what a great blog you have. Not just for those who like to travel but as a general interest blog for others. Keep up the good work!!

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