Posted by: travelrat | June 27, 2011

Travelling Through History: Avebury

It’s probably because I live so close to the Great Stones at Stonehenge and Avebury that I get to meet so many e-mates and dot.comrades face to face. Quite a few stop by on their way to visit, and the latest was Ruth Kozak, from Canada, who is, among other things, editor of ‘Travel Thru History’, to which I occasionally contribute.

My mind went back to 2004, and remembered Sascha Stokes and myself doing the circuit of Stonehenge in jig time, because it was absolutely scooting it down. And, guess what? On the day I took Ruth up to Avebury … well, to say ‘it rained’ is rather an understatement!

Ruth didn’t mind. ‘I’m from Vancouver’ she said ‘We’re used to rain!’ If nothing else, the rain reduced the number of visitors appreciably, and a little of the atmosphere could be detected. Maybe it wasn’t so good for photography, but I have plenty of pictures of Avebury, anyway.

It’s nice and dry in the Alexander Kieller Museum, though, and this, I really recommend. There’s photographs, interpretative displays and some artefacts that really explain what Avebury is thought to have been about … that’s something I feel is lacking at Stonehenge; you have to go into Salisbury to find similar.

Maybe that will change, if and when they get the new Visitor Centre set up?

The only photo I took that day; a representation of a Bronze Age man at the Alexander Kieller museum.

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  2. Hi Keith,
    I love museums, no matter where we go we always make sure we go to the museum, and each and every museum is different, you can learn so much, and they are always set out well, and easy to walk around, (with the exception of the Cairo Museum)

    The Alexander Kieller Museum sounds like it also would be a very interesting place to visit, I love they way they have done the bronze age man.

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