Posted by: travelrat | June 24, 2011

Return to Dubai

Dubai: 12th February 2011

At about mid-day, we arrived at Dubai, from where we had sailed a week earlier. Unlike Savona, our usual port of embarkation/disembarkation, we are going to get a chance to see the city, for we’re going to spend the night aboard before disembarking and leaving for the airport at midday tomorrow.

In fact, in retrospect, we could have seen more of the city than we actually did, for the ship didn’t start on the cruise for 24 hours after we arrived last week.

Six months later, the Dawn Princess arrived, with Garry and Joanne aboard, and they saw a lot more of the city. Their account is at … however, I still wouldn’t make a special trip there, although it would make an interesting stopover.

Back on the Deliziosa, we’d already got our stuff together, and signed in for the City Tour, and were ready to go as soon as the ship had tied up and been cleared by the authorities …

More of my articles at and at … the timing on this one is great; the KSR celebrates its 120th anniversary next week.


  1. Hi Keith,
    It was a shame you didn’t know that you had more time, and would of been able to see a lot more. Went over and had a read of “Decadent Dubai” some really nice photo’s and it seems they enjoyed themselves immensely.

    • Oh, we knew; it’s just that we didn’t make very good use of the time. And, I’ve got to say that some of the attractions that Garry and Joanne found interesting wouldn’t have done much for me.

      But, I would like to have seen the musical fountain. Perhaps another time?

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