Posted by: travelrat | June 17, 2011

Bahrain Video

According to the Bahrain motor sport association a couple of weeks ago, it’s all peaceful there now. So, the sport’s governing body, the FIA, decided the Bahrain Grand Prix, cancelled because of the unrest, could go ahead in October.

However, many people thought this wasn’t the best idea, and, following representation from the Formula 1 Teams Association (FOTA) the FIA reversed its decision a few days later.

But, to the video … taken a couple of weeks before the riots.

Bahrain: 11th February 2011


  1. Hi Keith,
    Really enjoyed your video, I especially loved the “arches walkway” that looked incredible, I can only imagine what the place was like when it was first established. It is always interesting to see things from the other side of the world, I would of loved to been on this trip, it certainly seemed worth going.

    • You know, I just finished making my DVD of the cruise, and, using my principle of ‘keep the best to the last’, I formed the opinion that Abu Dhabi-Bahrain-Fujairah-Muscat would have been a much better itinerary.

  2. It looks like a worthwhile place to visit. The landscape appeals to me – I like the starkness of it. I hope I get to see it one day.

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