Posted by: travelrat | June 13, 2011


The Plate Armour Society at the Amesbury Carnival

Having seen … and got happily smashed at … a German Karneval, and seen video footage of carnivals all over the world, from Notting Hill to Rio, it would be so easy to dismiss the Amesbury Carnival as something slight and insignificant.

But, it must be remembered that people were never expected to come from far and wide to witness this. It’s purely for and by local people, hopefully, to generate a bit of community spirit. And everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, which is the main thing.

For me, two things stood out. One was the display by AR Metalcraft, the creators of The Ancestor and The Goddess, which I’ve posted about previously. I had some conversation with Michelle Topps, who is half of the duo that make up the combo, and she showed me one of their latest works … a wrought-iron garden gate.

Now, as it happens, our garden gate is falling apart … replacement will, however, have to wait for a while if we want to go to Australia next year. Unfortunately, I don’t this one would quite fit the design of our house … but it is very nice!

Another exhibitor that I’ve posted about previously is Stonehenge Ales. At their stand, five beers were on offer. The idea is, they want to bring out a new brew, to commemorate ‘Amesbury 2012’, an initiative designed to instil even more community spirit, and really put the town ‘on the map’. And, the public were invited to vote which should be the chosen brew.

So, you paid your £4, and were given a small glass of each brew to sample. When you’d tasted them all, you requested a pint of the one you liked best … and the first barrel to be emptied will be THE ale!

I hope it will be ‘No 3’!

The Beer-tasting Stall!

One of my articles has re-surfaced at It’s not new; it previously appeared in the now-defunct ‘European Journal’, which ‘Europe Magazine Online’ has replaced.

Also, you can hear me on Chris Christensen’s ‘Amateur Traveler’ podcast at 




  1. I Love seeing men in suits of armour. Always reminds me of the Knights of the Round Table. Must get hot in there, though. Am going to listen to your podcast now!

  2. Hi Keith,
    I love these type of things, and you are right it is good for the community as well as meeting new people, sounds like a good day had by all. The beer testing sounds like it was a lot of fun as well. 🙂

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