Posted by: travelrat | June 6, 2011

Next Up ….

Garry & Joanne

We finally got a plan together for Ireland in September. We’ll take the car across to Rosslare on the ferry from Fishguard, overnight in Waterford, then spend a week in self-catering accommodation in Kinsale. Then, we’ll overnight in Dublin before sailing … not home, but to Liverpool; we’re going on to a wedding in Cumbria from there.

We did consider leaving the car at Birmingham Airport, and flying to Cork and hiring a car over there. It would cost about the same, but, this way, we can take more stuff with us, and see more of the country. And, the odd flying stone wouldn’t be so much of a worry.

Shoutout to Garry and Joanne, presently on their world cruise from Sydney; you can read about their adventures at At present, they’re on their way from Darwin to Singapore … and, they’ll have to stay in Singapore longer than they expected, as the ship needs repairs! This will probably need some ‘adjustment’ to the itinerary; I hope they’re back on schedule by the time they reach Europe, because we’re meeting them in Dover on the 17th July.

However, we’re fairly flexible if they do have to alter … they particularly wanted to see Leeds Castle (contrary to popular belief, it’s in Kent, not in Yorkshire!), but it was closed for a private function on the 17th. So, they may get to see it, after all.

Leeds Castle



  1. Hi Keith,
    Sounds like a great trip, I agree with you about the car, I think when you have your own transport with you, your not so restricted in what you may like to take on the trip.
    Wow a world trip, good on them, I hope it all works out well for everyone, I really like the look of the castle, it looks stunning, the grounds also look like they are well looked after as well.

  2. Was Leeds Castle featured in “Shakespeare in Love” as well as every other British period movie I’ve ever seen?

    • It wouldn’t surprise me … I think I have the film on DVD; I’ll check when I have a moment.

  3. How exciting. That is the type of holiday I would love to go on. You are going to have so much fun. Can’t wait to hear about it!!

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