Posted by: travelrat | June 3, 2011


Bahrain: 11th February 2011.

Wow! We just got out of there in time! Check the date; only a couple of weeks afterwards, there was street rioting, demonstrations and many deaths. And yet, it all seemed so peaceful and orderly while we were there.

We made a discovery today. Considering this is our third cruise with Crociere Costa, maybe it’s one we should have made earlier. If you’re not in a hurry, the restaurant is a far more attractive proposition for breakfast or lunch than the buffet bar. And, it doesn’t cost any more.

But, to Bahrain itself. Manama, the capital, seems to be a bit of a building site at the moment. I had the impression that it’s trying to compete with the other Gulf states in the height of its towers, and the design of its buildings … strangest of which is probably the World Trade Centre, which has three wind turbines slung between its towers.

Maybe this is an answer to those who call for ‘sustainable energy’, and, an hour later, oppose the ‘blighting’ of the countryside with windfarms.

There’s history to be seen here, too for, since the earliest times, Bahrain was an important call on the trade route from Mesopotamia (now Iraq) and India. As well as this, it was a centre for pearl diving; Bahraini pearls were always the most coveted.

All this was explained during a visit to the museum, then to an archaeological site, where the remains of a sizeable settlement once were. And, of course, there’s a fort … this time, to explore, rather than admire from a distance.



  1. Hi Keith,
    Looks like a very interesting place to visit. I agree the timing on your part could not have been better.
    I agree the windmills in the middle of building looks really strange, and of course as we all know now, they don’t generate much either.
    The ruins look like a great place to explore, plenty of history and I should imagine some great stories to be told about the ancient ruins. Love the photo’s.

  2. I really liked the contrast between the old fort, and the modern city on the skyline. And, the Bahrainis seem really proud of their trading and pearl-fishing past.

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