Posted by: travelrat | May 29, 2011

Qype: Harry Ramsden’s Fish & Chips in Southampton

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The problem with visiting a Harry Ramsden franchise if you’ve ever visited the ‘original’ in Guiseley, Yorkshire is rather unfairly making a comparison with it. I think a lot of people would probably say something like:

‘Harry must be turning in his grave!’

But, the Guiseley branch and the franchise in the West Quay shopping centre in Southampton cater for a different clientele. The opulent restaurant at Guiseley was originally targeted at hikers on their way home from the Yorkshire Dales, who used to stop in for a fairly leisurely meal. Southampton is there for shoppers seeking a quick bite before resuming their shopping.

Hence, the seating area is rather spartan and basic, and just like any other fast food place … apart from the picture of Harry and the original hut at Guiseley on the wall.

But, the important thing is the fish and chips. Harry Ramsden used to insist that only beef fat be used, and no fish be served unless it was landed that morning. However, freezing techniques have improved since Harry’s day, and it’s probable, these days, that they’d use vegetable oil.

So, it’s probable that even Harry would approve of the offerings here.

Check out my review of Harry Ramsden’s Fish & Chips – I am nomadkeith – on Qype



  1. Hi Keith,
    You just can’t beat the good old fish and chips, I must say that it is hard to get a nice feed of them. If the chips are not soggy, the fish can sometimes be dried out, but it’s great when you find a place the serves really nice fish and chips, and it seems like you have found a good place.

    • Friday night wouldn’t be Friday night without our fish n’ chips. Used to be, we’d visit the swimming pool with our kids, and get fish n’ chips on the way home, & it’s become a sort of tradition.

      (We lived in Yorkshire at the time, where it’s still a capital offence to serve bad F&C)

      These days, though, we buy them ready-prepared and frozen from the supermarket, & cook them ourselves in the deep fryer. Although I have a great recipe for beer batter I use occasionally.

      And, don’t forget, if you’re ‘scratch-building’ chips, you should boil them for a few minutes before putting in the chip pan … our local chippy doesn’t, which is why we don’t use them so often.

  2. I agree with Mags. You can’t beat good fish and chips. I just don’t think they do them right in Oz. The best fish and chips I’ve ever had were in Wellington in New Zealand complete with paua fritters. To die for!!

    • If you’re ever in Adelaide, there’s a place called simply ‘The Fish Restaurant’ in Gouger Street, which does fish n’ chips to perfection. Don’t think they do ‘take-out’, though.

      (Last time I went in there, I was wearing a Harry Ramsden’s T-shirt! They’d heard of the place even there, & asked a lot of questions about it.)

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