Posted by: travelrat | May 25, 2011

Australia Zoo

Beerwah: 12th and 14th August, 2010.

When we returned to Brisbane, we were joined by Garry, another of Lorraine’s brothers, and Joanne, his wife, who had come up from Sydney for a few days. We agreed that a visit to Australia Zoo was a ‘must-do’ while in Queensland.

Australia Zoo was, of course, made famous by the late Steve Irwin, and his excellent TV series ‘Crocodile Hunter’. It’s one of the very few places I’ve visited that live up to expectations in every way. It conveys the environmental message very well, as did Steve, in his lifetime. If there’s any fault to be found at all, I think maybe the zoo should be fully focussed on indigenous wildlife. There’s plenty of emphasis on it here, though; Tasmanian Devils, cassowaries and, of course … crocodiles.

There’s an interesting exhibit of photos and artifacts called ‘The Steve Irwin Story’, and the whole presentation makes you think, despite the fact he was killed four years ago, that he’s still there.

Maybe, in a way, he is … at any moment, I expected a figure in khaki to bounce around the corner holding something deadly by the tail, and uttering one of his catch phrases:

‘Crikey! Cop a look at this little beauty!’

They had a promotion that month; a ticket bought in August was good for entry for the rest of the year. So, since Nanna was getting rather tired, it was no problem to cut our visit shorter than we’d intended, and return a few days later, to see the things we’d missed, and re-visit our favourites.

They had the same show at the Crocoseum … (that’s an arena, sponsored by Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet, where they display some of their animals) but with different crocodiles. But,this time, we had a better viewpoint, and therefore better photos and video. I shall show some of these in the next couple of weeks, rather than just give a list of what we saw.

It’s a pity the tigers and the Komodo Dragon were behind glass, as the reflections were difficult to deal with. But, I suppose it’s necessary for safety; having read about those guys, the more glass they can get between me and it, the better.

But, the lady’s foot does give an idea of the size of the thing; that’s my excuse for the reflections, anyway!


  1. WOW. They get pretty big, don’t they? I really want to go to Australia Zoo. I was such a fan of Steve Irwin and I cried and cried when he died. He was one of the greats. I’ll get there one day….

  2. Hi Keith,
    It is a fantastic place, and you are spot on when you say it feels like Steve is still around. You captured the dragon beautifully despite the glass reflections. I love it when they bring out the animals so that you can touch them, or even hold them in some cases, I get in the circle with all the kids for my turn. 😆

  3. That is huge…. loved Australia had a wonderful time!

    • Stick with me; there’ll be a slide show on Wednesday, and some video the Wednesday after that.

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