Posted by: travelrat | May 22, 2011

Qype: The O2 in London

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If you want to eat before a concert at the O2 Arena, I have a tip for you. Get there early, and decide where you want to eat right away.

We got there early, and were almost immediately attracted by a rather nice Thai restaurant. BUT ….

‘Let’s see what else there is before we go firm on it!’

That was a mistake, for there are an awful lot of food outlets within the Arena. By the time we’d checked them all, read their menus and returned to the Thai restaurant, we were told there’d be a 30 minute wait before we could even be seated. And, the concert started in 45 minutes.

So, the search had to be confined to places where we could be seated and served almost straight away.

The one we chose was the ‘Armadillo’, which wouldn’t, normally, have been my first choice. They try desperately to ‘be American’, but don’t quite make it. There’s American beer on offer, but there’s also Beck’s beer … which is better and cheaper.

I found the music a little too loud for my tastes, and the restaurant was a little crowded. But, nevertheless, the service was slick and efficient, and we couldn’t complain about the food; fish and chips and a chili burger. It’s just that the ambience doesn’t quite do it for me.

Check out my review of The O2 – I am nomadkeith – on Qype



  1. Hi Keith,
    I agree with you about the music, nothing worse I feel than the music being too loud while you are eating, I also don’t like “heavy” music while eating either. I prefer soft music in the background, so you are still able to have a good conversation while enjoying your food.

  2. The choice of ‘music’ wasn’t very good, either … sounded like a couple of skeletons getting it on in a tin shed! And, we were going to see André Rieu; what a contrast!

    I sometimes wonder if such music is chosen deliberately to discourage you from staying, so that your table is free for the next customer as soon as possible?

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