Posted by: travelrat | May 18, 2011

Yatala Pies

Yatala: 7th August 2010

On the way back to Brisbane, we stopped at the Yatala Pie Shop for a cup of tea and … guess what …a Famous Yatala Pie. It used to stand right beside the Pacific Highway … actually, it still does, but they moved the Pacific Highway. The road is now called the Old Pacific Highway.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem to have affected trade much. I was told that coach tours frequently call here. It is a good place for a stop, but I hardly think it would be a destination in its own right. However, maybe a tour taking in a few bakeries that produce Famous Pies? If anyone takes this idea up, don’t forget where you got it from!

I don’t recall seeing many coaches when we (finally!) found it, but there were quite a few high-powered motor bikes … belonging, it turned out, to a pack of middle-aged part-time bikers sometimes known as the ‘Heck’s Angels’

The things that struck me were the name of the place painted on the roof … presumably to attract passing helicopter pilots? … and the stained glass windows. These, we normally associate with churches, but I’ve seen them in pubs and occasionally in railway stations. But, in a pie shop? That has to be a ‘first’.

I didn’t, however, rate the pies quite as highly as the Famous Montville Pie. They tasted fine, but were a bit too flaky and floppy for my tastes. But I did get introduced to another of their wares, which we took home for dessert that evening. Another East Coast specialty … caramel tart.


  1. Hi Keith,
    The big writing on the roof was put there years ago, and when the pie shop used to be right next to the highway, you could see this sign on the roof miles before you got there, it sort of became a land mark back in those days.

    We had a bit of a period here in Brisbane when stained glass started to come back into fashion. There were classes everywhere for you to go learn how to make the stained glass. Even now there are a lot of people that like stained glass windows in their doors whether inside or outside. I must say, I like the Australian animal theme on the stained glass.

    • Stained glass does feature a lot in art nouveau architecture, which I love. A neighbour had some put into her porch … but, since our houses were built in red brick in 1982, it doesn’t look *quite* right.

      Trying to remember if there was stained glass at Harry Ramsden’s fish & chip shop at Guiseley; I think there was, but it’s a long time since I visited.

  2. OMG. You can’t beat a good caramel tart. It is absolutely heavenly. Those meat pies look good too. I would have been drooling. Nom.

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