Posted by: travelrat | May 15, 2011

Qype: Travelodge in London

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If you’re going to a concert at the O2 Arena, this is an ideal place to stay. Although the Arena is only a few hundred yards away, there’s a formidable obstacle in the way … the Thames!

But, the East India DLR station is just down the road; you change to the Jubilee Line at Canning Town … two stops, total! However, on first arrival at East India, you do have a little trouble finding it … but, on the other side of the overpass, there’s a map on the wall which will soon set you right.

(Incidentally, nearest DLR station is East India, not Shadwell, as stated earlier)

As for the Lodge itself … well, a Travelodge is a Travelodge is a Travelodge, whether you’re in Perth or Penzance. All they offer is a comfortable bed, a shower and security and privacy which, in some cases, is all you’re looking for. And, you pay for the room, not ‘per person’.

Check out my review of Travelodge – I am nomadkeith – on Qype


  1. Hi Keith,
    It seems very handy with the railway not far away, that would certainly make things easier for a traveler. I had a look at the picture and it doesn’t seem too bad from the outside at least. I find places like these are alright if you are only staying 1 or 2 nights, if I want to stay somewhere longer I like to have a bit more than they provide.

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