Posted by: travelrat | May 11, 2011

SeaWorld Video

Surfers’ Paradise: 6th August 2010.

Here is the video to round out the report of our visit to SeaWorld. I’m just wondering if, in retrospect, it might have been better to visit here before we went on the whale cruise?

My latest piece just went live at


  1. Hi Keith,
    A truly beautiful video, I really enjoyed watching it.

  2. That pelican was such an elegant swimmer. I always expect them to be sort of clumsy because of their bulky bodies. The dolphins are just such amazing creatures – something otherworldly about them. Loved the sting ray too – the music went a bit James Bond-y at that stage. Haha.
    Once again, another great vid!

    • You know how I feel about pelicans … we used to say that a certain RAF unit had a pelican for a badge because it had a big mouth & didn’t fly very well.

      Then, I saw a pelican in flight!

      (Mind you, when they’re trying to snarf my meat pie ….!!!)

  3. Why don’t we see any videos of YOU swimming with the dolphins at Sea World?

    • I don’t want to get the camera wet! And, I suspect the handlers deliberately selected the most attractive female from the audience!

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