Posted by: travelrat | May 1, 2011

Qype: Royal Oak Inn in Lindale

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They have rather a lot of sheep in Cumbria, so they know how to cook them. In fact, it’s probably illegal to serve bad lamb or mutton. The Royal Oak in Lindale is just one place to go to try sheep-meat at its best. There’s a succulent-looking ‘Lamb Henry’ on offer, but I didn’t really want so much in the middle of the day, But, there were also chops, marinaded in cinnamon and honey.

It’s a different way to treat lamb chops, and I thoroughly enjoyed them, especially as they were accompanied by fresh, well-cooked vegetables.

The pub is situated right on the once-infamous Lindale Hill, which doesn’t seem so bad as it was reputed to be in my youth. These days, my car can make it up the hill without any problem at all; maybe cars have improved in the intervening years?

Nevertheless, it’s still so close to the road that it’s safer to enter from the rear even if on foot. But, it’s now a minor road. Lindale Hill has now been by-passed by the main road, from which it’s well worth making a short detour to this excellent pub.

Check out my review of Royal Oak Inn – I am nomadkeith – on Qype



  1. Hi Keith,
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Lunch, I’ve never had lamb chops done that way either, but they do sound nice. Isn’t it wonderful when you get nice fresh vegs for a change, it seems a lot of places these days just couldn’t be bothered.

    • It’s a combination I haven’t tried, or even heard of, either … I suppose competition encourages experimentation, with excellent results like this. You see, in order to survive, a country pub MUST serve food … and, with another pub 300 yards down the road, serving equally good food, they have to offer something different.

      With (seemingly) everyone and his cousin posting to sites like Qype, I’d suggest that a pub serving frozen veg wouldn’t get many recs!

  2. Mhmmm. Sounds delicious. You really cannot beat good food like that!

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