Posted by: travelrat | April 25, 2011

Footnotes in History: Review


Alf B. Meier


Footnotes in History

Alf B. Meier ( )

e-book published by Smashwords.


‘History is bunk!’ (Henry Ford)

‘History is propaganda written by the winning side’ (Keith Kellett)

Alf Meier writes:

‘ … it is the recording of events that happened in the past. More accurately, it is the events of the past that somebody wanted to have recorded’



This is in the foreword of his e-book ‘Footnotes in History’ in which he sets out to tell the real truth behind some of the simplified folk-tales, vaguely based on fact that is generally accepted as ‘history’

We all ‘learnt’ at school that ‘Captain Cook discovered Australia’ or ‘Christopher Columbus proved the world is round’ … both statements inaccurate and untrue, and Meier sets out to reveal a few more ‘well-known facts’ of history that are, on only slightly deeper investigation, no ‘facts’ at all.

The tone is generally light and friendly, and easily readable. There are one or two quaint and unusual turns of phrase in the book, for the writer’s first language is not English. But, for me, that adds to the charm of this little book, and makes it more personal.

It’s an interesting read, but in no way academic and schoolmasterly. It will, if nothing else, give you a few real, little-known facts, with which, if you’re still at school, you can really annoy your history teacher!




The book will be available shortly at Barnes&Noble, Apple Itune stores and Smashwords besides a lot of other places.

The page of the publisher is and the page of the book is

It will be available in all electronic book forms  (including Amazon Kindle).


  1. Fun book review, Keith. Enjoyed.

  2. Hi Keith,
    It is amazing what comes out about History many years later, and we find out that what we have learned is not always so. I will definitely check this book out, Thank You for the heads up.

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