Posted by: travelrat | April 24, 2011

Qype: Odeon Cinemas in Salisbury


In many English towns, you can go into a shop or showroom, and immediately recoginise that ‘this used to be the cinema’. Such buildings are fairly common, but the ‘cinema which used to be something else’ is much rarer.

The Odeon in Salisbury is an excellent example. The mediaeval half-timbered frontage is a good sign that the building long predates the invention of the cinematograph. Indeed, it does; it was built as the residence of one John Hall in the 15th Century!

In the narrow, high-ceilinged hall, now the foyer, much has been preserved, from the shields and weapons on the walls to the mullioned windows and stone fireplace.

Inside the auditorium, though, all is modern. We were there to see a 3D film, a cutting edge technology which makes you feel as if you’re actually there. Except for the seats … they’re a bit hard!

Check out my review of Odeon Cinemas – I am nomadkeith – on Qype



  1. Hi Keith,
    I love the front of the building, like a lot of old buildings it has a style to it.

    These old buildings they put the rest to shame. I think the standard red brick building next door, really looks shabby next to the older building, I could be bias, as I love older buildings.

    • I’ll be posting more pictures presently, when I get around to describing the 3D film we saw there ….

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