Posted by: travelrat | April 13, 2011

Whale Watch Video

That's me in the red hat! (Photo by Lorraine D. Kellett)

Off the Queensland Coast: 5th August 2010.

I’m making a few slight changes here; from this, the ‘Queensland Trip Diary’ will come out on Wednesday, and the ‘Gulf Cruise Diary’ on a Friday.

Reason is, I’m off for a long weekend tomorrow, so will be unable to post on Friday … and I did promise to put the whale watch video up this week.

So, here it is … and thanks again to my grand-daughter, Ellie Hipkiss, who contributed the best of the footage. I will try to do better next time! Till next week, then ….!!


  1. Hi travelrat,
    Love the video, they are beautiful to watch, I see there was a calf there as well.

    Have a great long weekend, enjoy.

  2. Fabulous. You are fortunate to have seen such beautiful creatures. I was going to tweet this but can’t get on to Twitter at the moment. I wonder if it’s been hacked. I’ll try again later.

    • I’ve tried to tweet a couple of articles on WP too, and found the ‘pop-up’ blocked. Just click on ‘Temporarily Allow’ to get it.

  3. […] I haven’t put the ‘Barrier Reef’ video up yet, mainly because I haven’t quite finished editing it. But, a close second comes […]

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