Posted by: travelrat | April 4, 2011

Back Home Again

I was going to post some more pictures from Villacarreido, but, unfortunately, the wifi at the hotel we were staying at fell over on Wednesday, and never got re-instated.

So, here are the pictures … better ones, because they’re from my Nikon, which my little Netbook can’t resize for transmission. There’s a couple of the interior of the Palacio de Soñanes and one of the Town Hall in Villacarreido.

Hopefully, I’ll have my slideshow for the participants up by next Monday; I can’t make any promises on the video, but I will post it as soon as I find time to edit it. The actual account won’t be up for a couple of months, as it’ll take its place in the ‘trip diary’ queue. I’ve got a couple of food ‘discoveries’ to post about, too … although I’m not sure if ‘discoveries’ is the right word; it’s rather like a Spaniard visiting Britain, and ‘discovering’ steak and ale pie, or fish and chips.


  1. Hi Keith,
    Wow, that looks great, I love the different colors inside, and the art work on the columns are fantastic. The builders certainly put a lot into these old places when they built them back then, a lot of time and everything had to be just right, even to the art work on the ceiling. The beautiful things we see in other country’s, it would be nice to even have a smaller version. 🙂

    • I think the palacio was refurbished (may even have been restored) to its present condition by the hotel’s owners. I loved the way the art nouveau stuff (with the odd bit of art deco thrown in) blended in with the original baroque artwork … I have the architect’s name somewhere, if it’s of any interest.

  2. P.S.
    I love your new header on your blog, it certainly does say Travels, it looks great.

  3. The colours are just gorgeous. What a beautiful building. Can’t wait for the slideshow!

  4. Not sure if these names mean anything, but I found the list of those responsible for the restoration. The decoration was by Paco Entrena and painter Roberto Orella … the whole project co-ordinated by Rafael Calleja.

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