Posted by: travelrat | March 21, 2011

Future Planning

Doesn’t time fly? Nearly a quarter of the year gone already, and, this morning, I had the ‘five day warning’ … (It isn’t always five days, but that’s what I call it)

‘If it wants washing, and you want to take it to Spain, put it out today!’

Yes, on Saturday, I’m off on my 10th Vaughantown programme. A new location this time; Villacarreido, in Cantabria, about 20 miles from Santander. I haven’t been able to find much out about the place. The only reference I could find was on Wikipedia … in Spanish. I did run it through Babelfish, which translated it into pidgin Gibberish, which I couldn’t understand, but, fortunately, I have enough Spanish to get the gist of the original.

However, I won’t post about the trip straight away, apart from getting my usual slide show and video up as soon as possible, mainly for the benefit of the participants. It’ll take the place of the Australia Trip Diary or the Cruise Diary, whichever runs out of ‘blogunition’ first.

Then, there’s the HomeAway prize. The strong favourite at the moment is Ireland. We haven’t firmed up on exactly where or when we’re going yet; September seems the best time, and taking the car across on the ferry looks like the preferred way of getting there. So, it looks like quite a road trip, and I’ll start posting about that as soon as I get back

We’ve already bought a road map, and ordered some guidebooks from Amazon … so, really, we can’t not go!

New article up at .




  1. Hi Keith,
    Wow a trip to Spain, sounds great. I certainly will be looking forward to hearing all about it.

    So it’s off to Ireland, I’m sure you will have a wonderful time, and you deserve the prize.

    I have translated the Wikipedia page through microsoft, and it is really easy to read, I’m not sure if you have microsoft on your computer, but if you have you should be able to read this. Give it time to load, you will see on the left hand side up the top what % it is up to, it does take a little while to get to 100%.

    • I’ll give the translation tool a try sometime; it’s got to be better than Babelfish! But, meanwhile, Juan-Carlos sent me the translation so I’m OK there (seems Villacarreido’s main attraction is the hotel we’re staying at!)

      If you’re planning on visiting Europe, it’s worth looking at my Vaughantown page, and their site ( If it’s your thing, and you’re accepted, you just have to get yourself to Madrid and the next five days will cost you nothing … all you have to do is TALK (up to 10 hours a day; can you manage that? :D)

      And, you’ll see a little-known corner of Spain, and meet some interesting people.

  2. Hi Keith,
    The link I put in above is the actually wikipedia page translated, I did the translation for you with my microsoft.

    The hardest part of actually seeing Spain is the airfares getting there, once over there the rest is easy. As you know the airfares to and from OZ are not cheap, mainly because of the distance, to get anyway is usually around 20 hrs or more flying time, so you would expect this to be a huge cost, as you know.

    Talk for 10 hrs, OMG I really don’t think I could do that, but if they threw in the airfare, ( I of course would find my own accommodation) I would give it a go. 🙂

    • Agree about the fares; most Australians and Kiwis I know embed a programme in a longer trip to Europe. So, usually, they get more teenage backpackers and retired empty nesters than most other nationalities.

      In the 30-50 age group, I’ve only met

      1) An Army officer who’d just finished a 6-month exchange with our Army
      2) A lady doing a programme on the back of a business trip and
      3) Someone on a family visit to England, doing a programme ‘to get away from her brother for a while’

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